Terms and Conditions

  1. Prepaid DAC Hosting Guarantee

  2. We have a longstanding reputation for fair dealing and integrity in the domain industry. The chances are that we've been recommended to you by a friend or colleague already. When we offer a money-back guarantee with our DAC hosting, we do it on a 'fair dealing' basis. After your prepaid year of hosting is over, we expect you to have made a profit on your investment. If you feel this is not the case, then we will undertake a performance review with you. We will analyse your catches, and value each one at either £45, or at fair market value (FMV) - whichever is the higher. FMV is subjective but we will base our review and valuation based on any resale price that has been achieved for any domain caught by you, if that sale is of public record, or our perception of FMV of that domain if it is obviously in excess of £45. In the unlikely event that we cannot agree on FMV for a particular domain, we will be happy to enter into a public debate with a view to accepting a reasonable average perception. FMV in all cases means FMV on a wholesale/domainer basis, NOT end-user/retail pricing.

    You'll appreciate that it's impossible to specify our refund terms in 'black and white' because of the subjectivity of FMV. However, before you go ahead and purchase our guaranteed hosting, you might like to make enquiries about us on the various domain name forums, or ask a friend or acquaintance in the industry. As a matter of privacy, we don't publish a list of Nominet tags that we host for catching, but do feel free to ask us for a reference as many of our clients are kindly disposed towards recommending us privately.

  3. Backorder Booking Discrepancies

  4. On very rare occasions, our public backorder system may allow the booking of a name by more then one party. This is generally due to one of two circumstances:

    a) Nominet's systems are down which prevent us checking the availability of the name at the booking stage, or:

    b) Two or more people are attempting to book a name and have passed the stage at which the domain(s) are shown as available on our systems, but whoever completes the purchase first achieves the booking. Please ensure that you follow your booking through immediately after researching it through our booking portal.

  5. Payment of Invoices

  6. All invoices for domain catches are due for payment within 14 days of issue. We reserve the right to dispose of any names that are not paid for in a timely fashion.

  7. Liability for Domain Copyright, IP and Trademark issues

  8. If you book a domain in our system, you agree to hold us harmless against any claims of copyright infringement, trademark violation and any other form of intellectual property dispute.

  9. We don't believe in onerous T&Cs. The rest is common sense - thanks!