.uk Dropcatching Solutions & Backorder Services

Hubbard Media is UK based consultancy providing backorder and dropcatching services for dropping/expiring .uk domain names.

Our clients range from everyday non-domainers looking to secure the perfect name for their business, right through to professional domainers looking for competitive DAC hosting solutions.

The .co.uk domain market affords huge opportunities. It is where professionals lurk when they discover ever-decreasing, low-hanging fruit in the .com space, where the aftermarket flourishes but is relatively expensive. That cycle is repeating here with .uk domains but the time to strike is NOW! Nominet's shelving of the 'direct.uk' initiative in February 2013 has seen a significant surge in interest in the UK namespace so now is the time to get serious!

If you have any questions about any of our dropcatching services or even if you're looking for general information as to how to enter the dropcatching business then please don't hesitate to contact us. We have caught over 20,000 domains on our systems!


  • If you don't make your money back in 12 months on our annual prepaid hosting deal we'll give you your money back (terms and conditions apply).
  • Prepaid, non-refundable, transferrable catch booking credits available. Now becoming very popular since our last newsletter! Buy for your own use, or make a market in selling to others. Remember, our standard backorder price is £45. Prices as follows:

    5 Credits: £38 each – [£190],         SAVE £35
    10 Credits: £32 each – [£320],       SAVE £130
    15 Credits: £28 each – [£420],       SAVE £255
    25 Credits: £25 each – [£625],       SAVE £500
    50 Credits: £22 each – [£1,100],    SAVE £1,150
    100 Credits: £20 each – [£2,000],  SAVE £2,500

    To order please use the contact us form, specify how many credits you want and we will then send you an invoice payable via BACS or PayPal (PayPal will incur 4% fee).

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DAC Hosting Interface

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.uk domain backordersbook .uk domain backorderBackorder .uk Domains

Each backorder is charged at £45 (no VAT). If we fail to secure the backordered domain for you then you will be given a credit which you can use when you next backorder with us.

If the domain you are backordering is likely to be highly contended or holds particular importance to you then please contact us to arrange special priority on the backorder.

Also, ask us about discounted and transferrable catch credits from as little as £20 each, which you may purchase in advance!

Please note: All successful backorders/catches must be claimed for transfer within 3 months of the catch date or we reserve the right to dispose of them.

DAC Hosting with Guaranteed Earnings

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Prepaid Annual DAC Hosting with Guaranteed Earnings - £3000 p.a.

This is our flagship DAC hosting offering that lets you leverage the power of our renowned dropcatching script for a period of 12 months with a pledge that if you don't make your investment back at the end of your hosting period then we'll refund you the difference (terms and conditions apply).

Setup is FREE and you can sign up now using the button above and by paying a £300 deposit you will reserve yourself a unique IP address and a slot. We will then contact you with our BACS details for you to settle the reminder of the balance, along with instructions on how to configure your Nominet account with our service.

Comprehensive drop lists are given FREE courtesy of a 12 month Pro subscription to our sister site DCE.co.uk.

If you're not already a member of Nominet we can assist with this process and matters related to obtaining a Nominet IPS TAG, both of which are necessary for our DAC hosting.

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Monthly DAC Hosting - £400 per month plus £200 setup.

Again you get to leverage the power of our world renowned dropcatching script but on a no commitment month-by-month basis.

A FREE Pro subscription to our sister site DCE.co.uk is also included for the lifespan of your Dropsystem subscription. There is a setup charge of £200 payable along with the first month's subscription.

After your first month, if you don't want to proceed for whatever reason, you may stop at any time without incurring any further charges or obligation. You may also pause your subscription and resume later at no additional charge.